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From the Client's Perspective

“I have had the pleasure of working with many talented individuals in my life.  None more so than Bill Derocher.  Building a new home involves so many decisions; none more critical than choosing the right builder.

Bill Derocher surpassed every expectation I had and there were many …

He coordinated all architectural, interior and design meetings to make it a seamless process that maximized the talents of all three entities.  This was not easy, as top talent normally goes hand-in-hand with top egos.  Bill is a hard driver that kept things on track with respect levels high.  It made my experience as a buyer dramatically better, and he protected my interests every step of the way.  Bill made me aware of what I needed/wanted to know and took care of the things I didn’t need to know.  It is rare to see Bill’s level of knowledge on all things tied to the build process that has the people skills to maximize the performance of all involved.  All the while accepting nothing less than top percentile finishes.

He met with and drove all subcontractor pricing, scheduling, and all issue resolution to great outcomes and benefit to me. He was transparent on issues and had prompt resolution.  It was personal to Bill.  The trade skill performance, work ethic and finish levels were outstanding.

He is a continuous improvement genius and regularly brought me ideas that saved money or improved the house.  I looked forward to meeting with Bill.

Bill’s efforts have remained every bit as strong after our house was complete.  He checks in on a regular basis and has taken care of any small issues with an urgency and competency that is hard to find.

He is much more worried about doing a first-rate job versus change order paperwork or any item that could delay a job or be used as an excuse.

Not once did I feel taken advantage of, misled, etc.  Just the opposite.  I was fortunate enough to partner with someone that had as much passion about the build process and finished product as I did.

Bill is a man of the utmost integrity.  He will be your number one defender and protector through the process.  He is also strong enough to tell you what you may not want to…but need to hear.  I have built a number of homes and no one else is in the same ballpark.

You can’t catch everything on a print; however, Bill has a unique ability to identify things very early on that were either missed or simply can’t be answered from a print.  On each occasion I was protected or presented a clear-cut decision point.

I give Custom Homes by Derocher my 100% recommendation.”