The Chase Residence

Lake Angelus

From the Client's Perspective

Carole and I could not have been more pleased with working with Bill & Mike from Custom Homes by Derocher. Our beautiful home was built on a hard-ship lot on beautiful Lake Angelus. Considerable extra design and engineering took place to ensure a sound structure to build our dream home.

Through every iteration of design, build, etc. Bill & Mike were with us. We both loved their “roll up your sleeves” approach. We found Derocher, Inc. to be a genuine company that would have made Bill’s Father, Mother, and Brother very proud.

Honesty, integrity, and grit are only a few ways to describe Derocher. When you invest into your dream home you don’t want to cut quality corners you want the highest quality trades and materials and that’s what the Chase’s received. 

Thank you to the Derocher Custom Home family for what you delivered to the Chase Family.